Brocade is a sublime part of Keyvan’s royal collection as the golden gown worn for the inauguration of Persepolis festivities that he calls it the beginning of the end. The design of this gown and a silver-white brocade version is an architecture inspired by Isfahan’s domes and haute couture. In this project collaboration with Oustad Tarighi remains a historic one in the art of brocade. All motives chosen by Keyvan diminish in size in the weave of fabric hens reaching the shoulders the floral design is complete. Each panel has its unique pattern like the front of the gown, short sleeves, lower floral patterns of the over gown. Motives when reaching one another not only the floral patterns are complete but also the gowns fit beautifully the last empress Farah Pahlavi with a great allure. Each version took 18 months to be woven at their best. Unfortunately now the major part of Keyvan’s creations is kept very poorly in the basement of Niavaran palace waiting their total deterioration.